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Mini Stroll

10 mins approx.

Gives visitors the chance to get a feel for horse riding and take pictures.




50 mins approx.

Experience the calming beauty of Lake Tsilaria on horseback. This guided ride takes you around the picturesque lake, offering stunning views and a peaceful connection with nature. Ideal for both beginners and experienced riders, this adventure promises a memorable and restful escape.



Arkoudilas Beach

1 hour and 15min approx.

only on mornings at 8:45

Explore the beauty of Arkoudilas on this enchanting horse ride. Wander through a tranquil forest of ancient olive trees and lush nature. The trail is a delightful mix of shaded paths and sun-dappled clearings, ending on a downhill path that leads to a stunning, secluded beach. Ideal for nature lovers, this route offers a perfect blend of adventure and serenity.



Sunset Special

2 hours approx.

Enjoy a breathtaking Arkoudilas sunset with our exclusive experience. Journey through the tranquil Arkoudilas forest to a cliff on the southernmost edge of Corfu, where you’ll be greeted with stunning sea views. Watch the sun dip below the horizon, accompanied by a bottle of fine wine. Perfect for a romantic evening or a tranquil end to your day.

Private: 80€/person

3ppl: 60€/person

4+: 50€/person

Includes a bottle of Local Wine 



Arkoudilas  Monastery 

1 hours and 30 min approx.

Embark on a captivating ride to the ancient remains of Arkoudilas Monastery. This route winds through a serene forest, surrounded by the timeless beauty of olive trees and natural landscapes. As you approach the monastery, enjoy breathtaking sea views from the cliffs. The trail culminates at the historic monastery ruins, offering a glimpse into the past amid a peaceful setting. Perfect for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.


We ask that all clients wear enclosed footwear (no flip flops or sandals) and we recommend long trousers to avoid any skin injuries from the saddle. We suggest you also bring  mosquito repellent and a small rucksack to keep your belongings in whilst riding. Helmets are provided to all riders.  

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